Brain Injury Lawsuit on Behalf of over 200 NFL Retirees Craig Thomas

Philadelphia, PA (April 11, 2012) — Hausfeld LLP filed an amended complaint in its mass personal injury lawsuit against the NFL today on behalf of 216 retired football players in Philadelphia federal court (Case No. 12cv0092). Over 100 new players have joined the lawsuit in the past three months, representing every position on the field and every decade from the 1940s to the 2000s. The diversity in age and experience among the plaintiffs highlights the widespread and pervasive damages caused by the NFL’s long-held practices of ignoring and denying the causal link between concussions and brain injury.

The complaint alleges that the players suffered repeated head impacts and concussions during the years they played football, and consequently now face neurological disorders and other injuries, such as Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (“CTE”). Mr. Boyd, the lead plaintiff in the case, is the only living player to be diagnosed with CTE. He started the organization “Dignity After Football” to assist thousands of disabled and under-pensioned former players.

The comprehensive legal complaint details how the NFL has long been aware of the serious risks to football players from head impacts, but chose instead to minimize and downplay the scientific evidence acknowledging these risks. The plaintiffs contend that as a result of the NFL’s improper conduct, the league caused serious injuries to many players.

“Each of these NFL retirees, regardless of their age, position, or tenure in the NFL, has suffered significantly as a result of the NFL’s conduct,” said Rich Lewis, a partner at Hausfeld LLP involved in this case. “For too long, the players who have made the game what it is today have been neglected by the NFL, and now they need sophisticated medical treatment. This lawsuit seeks to hold the NFL accountable and provide former players with the medical care that they deserve.”

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