Here is why Lynch is wrong . . . Dan Leberfeld

Tempe – Marshawn Lynch is a heck of a player.

It’s well-documented he doesn’t like to speak to the media.

That is understandable.

Most of the time it’s not a lot of fun.

But here is my problem with Lynch, or any other player who doesn’t want to deal with the press – you have a lot of company.

Most players don’t like doing it.

This idea that Lynch is on an island with his pathological dislike of doing interviews is misguided.

It’s something a lot of guys wish they could avoid, but they are required to speak to the press in the Collective Bargaining Agreement, so they do it.

They also do it to help out a team’s PR department, which has a lot of interview requests to fulfill from print, TV and radio reporters.

And if you think most of the guys who do it regularly, love doing it, you are mistaken.

The players who love talking to the media are in the minority.

So Lynch has plenty of company, but most guys just don’t handle their disdain for the responsibility like Seahawks’ running back does.