Host on Jets Flagship goes after John Idzik Dan Leberfeld

Michael Kay, of ESPN Radio in New York, the Jets’ Flagship station, took a shot at John Idzik’s low profile approach with the media.

“Where’s John Idzik? Kay asked on his show today. “For John Idzik to crawl under a rock and not talk to his fan base is unacceptable.”

Okay, how would Kay feel if Idzik did a conference call with Jets fans? I don’t think that would appease him.

This isn’t about the fans.

It’s about the media not getting the kind of access they want to a GM, who rarely does interviews.

Kay seems to be hiding behind the fans, using them as a pawn, to get the GM to talk.

I can say this – Idzik is a hard worker. He’s not hiding, he’s just very focused on his job.

While I don’t agree with all his moves, and it remains to be seen if he will be a successful GM, I do think the man is very diligent when it comes to his current job.

And talking to the media isn’t a big priority of his.


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