How do you deal with Chris Johnson? Dan Leberfeld

The Jets run defense has been very solid this year.

They did a terrific job of stopping Tampa Bay’s Doug Martin in Week One and Buffalo’s C.J. Spiller in Week Three.

But they might have their toughest challenge yet, in Week Four, against Tennessee’s Chris Johnson.

What is the best way to deal with Johnson, who runs under 4.3 in the forty?

“You have to keep him in front of him,” said Jets linebacker David Harris. “You can’t let him get outside because no one on defense is fast enough to catch him from behind. The big men up front have to be responsible for their gap. They have to control their gap.”

The Jets defensive line is facing quite a challenge this week.

“[The Titans] have a strong, nasty offensive line,” said Harris. “They take after their head coach (Mike Munchak) and offensive line coach (Bruce Mathews), who are two Hall-of-Fame guys.”


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