I agree with Manish Dan Leberfeld

Manish Mehta tweeted today, “I think it’s officially time to retire Rex’s ‘Play Like a Jet’ slogan, which he actually ripped off himself: ‘Play like a Raven’ in Baltimore.

Manish makes a good point, it’s getting tired and old.

The Jets are coming off two disappointing seasons, so why keep repeating a mantra you continually used during these down campaigns?

And John Idzik should try to stay away from it, also.

Why would a new GM come in to fix a mess, and use an expression that was used before he got into town, from an era that ended in a troubling fashion?

Woody Johnson, and the people on the business side, like Neil Glat, should ask Rex and John Idzik to shelve this saying, at least publicly. You want to say it the players in meetings? Fine.

It would probably be smart to stop pushing it on the public.