Thurman on why Milliner was rushed back in lineup Dan Leberfeld

Hebron, Kentucky – Last Thursday, I asked Jets defensive coordinator Dennis Thurman why cornerback Dee Milliner was put right back into the starting lineup after missing three games with a hamstring injury.

Here is Thurman’s response . .  .

“The thought was that before the hamstring he was beginning to understand exactly what we wanted. He was beginning to play the way we thought he could play and when he came back, he had a good week of practice. We said, ‘Well, why wait?’ and we put him in, but we also eased him in as far as coverages were concerned. Let him get his feet wet. Let him understand who he was dealing with, as far as the receivers from New England and he went out and he played pretty well.”

Did he play well against New England? “Well” might be strong. It was an up-and-down performance.