I disagree with Sam Darnold Dan Leberfeld

Sam Darnold said after his four interception performance in Miami, “There’s no excuse for how I played out there.”

He’s wrong.

There is an “excuse.”

The “excuse” is he’s a rookie who seemed to be rushed into the starting lineup.

He was just a two-year college starter, and came into the league after his red-shirt sophomore season.

He’s only 21.

Maybe he wasn’t instant coffee on the NFL level.

Terrific prospect, but had a lot to work on. Remember he had a turnover issue at USC, with 20 interceptions in his last 20 games.

He probably needed to sit and learn for a year like Patrick Mahomes in Kansas City.

I understand that Darnold isn’t going to make excuses publicly.

But to me, there is an “excuse” for how he’s playing.

Perhaps he was thrown the car keys too soon.


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