I like the trade Dan Leberfeld

I have no issue with what the Jets got in return for Darrelle Revis.

According to published reports, they wanted a 1, 3 and a 5.

Tampa Bay didn’t want to give up that much.

The third round pick was clearly the sticking point.

So the Jets backed off the fifth round pick, and asked for a conditional third round pick next year, which they will get if Revis stays healthy. They will get a fourth round pick if he doesn’t.

Who cares about a fifth round pick? That round generally isn’t going to make-or-break a draft.

If Revis stays healthy, and the Jets end up getting a first and third (in 2014) for the cornerback, that is a solid deal, especially with him coming off a torn ACL.

It was time for Revis and the Jets to go their separate ways. Agent Neil Schwartz basically burned every bridge connecting the player to the team.

The time was right for a divorce.

And now the Jets have the ninth and 13th picks of the first round this year. In those two spots, they should be able to land a couple of talented players with starting ability.