Rapoport questions validity of Rex’s comments on Revis Dan Leberfeld

Indianapolis – Rex Ryan shot down the Showtime report that the Jets are interested in trading CB Darrelle Revis.

“It’s not accurate,” Ryan said. “Plain and simple it’s not accurate.’ I told him that. If he was going to be involved in a trade, I think he and his agents would know about it, as would the general manager and myself, I would think. So there was no validity to that trade. I don’t know where things like that get drummed up from.”

The NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport isn’t buying this.

“With all due respect to Rex Ryan, talking to sources in and round the situation, I’m not sure about the validity of what he is saying,” Rapoport said on the NFL Network. “According to sources, owner Woody Johnson, brought up the possibility of trading Revis to perspective GM candidates. Rex said he talked to Revis and said this isn’t true. Revis says he still needs answers. Clearly a disconnect there.’