Idzik a big believer in competition – Jets need this Dan Leberfeld

One word John Idzik brought up a great deal in his introductory presser was “competition.”

It’s clearly a core belief of the Jets’ new GM.

“We’re going to continually develop, maintain and enhance a roster here that is grounded in competition,” Idzik said. “There will be a constant influx of competition. When you’re in football, you relish competition. It gets everybody better. By that, I mean we’ll explore every measure to bring in talent and continue to compete.”

Open competition will be very important for the Jets moving forward.

The last few years, sometimes this was lacking.

At times, players seemed to be elevated to prominent roles based on where they were drafted, or how much they were making.

This has to stop.

And under Idzik, it sounds like it will.