Idzik’s overview of Jets current QB situation Dan Leberfeld

Florham Park – Jets GM John Idzik had these thoughts today on the Jets’ mercurial QB situation . . .

“We have a good mix. Of course, Geno (Smith) has 16 games under his belt now. He came back and participated in his first full offseason. And under the same offensive coordinator, the same quarterback coach so I think that is good for Geno.

“Mike (Vick) has a wealth of experience in this league. Mike Vick is a tremendous competitor. Otherwise you don’t last for as long as he has in our league. You don’t do some of the things he’s done in our league. He’s the ultimate competitor. That’s one of the reasons he’s here.

“Matt (Simms) was with us last year, he, I thought, really grew up last year, developed well. Saw some time as a second. And of course we drafted Tajh (Boyd).

“So we have a nice mix in that room and they are all pushing each other to get better.

“We will let everything play out this summer, and then I think it’s really just defined in an accumulation of things. It’s what they’re going through in the offseason, how they pick up when the pace starts to amp up a little bit. You get the pads on, you go live. It amps up another notch. In the preseason, you get game type experience, so we’ll just let all that play out and see where it lands.”