When a defense can’t do this, they’re toast! Dan Leberfeld

It’s one of the most important things a defense needs to do, and if they don’t do it, they’re in heap of trouble.

Talking about setting the edge? What is that exactly?

“Setting the edge is a descriptive phrase and coaching term/point used to describe the ability of a perimeter defender – most often a defensive end or outside linebacker, but can also be a defensive back – to keep a ball carrier from running outside of the offensive tackle,” wrote Insidethepythlon.com.

If you don’t have players who can do this, your going to have significant defensive problems.

“If a defense has no player there who can ‘set the edge’ against the run, then an offense can run outside for big-time yardage,” according to a post called “Football 101” for “The Fans Guide to Football” website.

New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick is obsessed with setting the edge, and players who don’t do it properly, are on the bench.


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