If the Jets trade back, this corner makes sense Dan Leberfeld

If the Jets trade back in the first round, this guy is a cornerback they could consider. Here is a Q-and-A with him . . .

*Q)What’s your best attribute?

Gareon Conley – Ohio State cornerback: The ability to play press man and versatility at nickel and corner.

Q)Marshon Lattimore and Malik Hooker are only one-year starters who are projected top 5 or 10 picks while you are the veteran who isn’t projected to go quite as high. Your thoughts?

Conley: I knew that before they shot up [in] the media. I knew that from past years, camp, spring ball, how they work and just getting to know them. They’re like my brothers and they deserve everything they’re getting right now.

Q)Do you feel overshadowed or forgotten about compared to those two?

Conley: I don’t feel forgotten about. I embrace everything I get and take advantage of everything I get and that I’ve been given. I congratulate them for everything they’ve been given, too.

Q)Your room at OSU is known as DBU (Defensive Backs U). What does that mean to you?

Conley: It feels good that all of our hard work is getting shown and published out there. We played at a high level and it feels good that we accomplished that and we’re getting talked about it for that.

Q)Do you feel mentally and physically prepared for the next step?

Conley: The challenges they’ve given us (at Ohio State) we overcame, like practices being harder
than games, has really prepared us well.

My mental toughness and ability to handle adversity on and off the field sets me apart.

Q)What NFL player does your style resemble?

Conley: That’s hard to say. I’d say Aqib Talib. He varies his technique and I try to vary my technique.

Q)What has enabled Ohio State to have so many good corners in recent years?

Conley: I feel like just the culture and program itself, just the way things were run there like practices. Everything you do, you’ve got to give your maximum effort and I feel like there’s a high standard. There’s no medium, average or low standard. There’s such a high standard that you’ve got to compete with people that are just as good as you so you’ve got to outwork them.

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