If the Western NY media bothered him . . . Dan Leberfeld

Long-time Rochester Democrat-and-Chronicle sportswriter Sal Maiorana wrote an in-depth column on why Doug Marrone quit his job as Buffalo Bills coach.

According to Maiorana, the Western New York media was a factor.

“The final element to Marrone’s departure apparently was his own inability to not let criticism bother him,” wrote Maiorana on Thursday. “It came to light that he was tired of the negativity emanating from the local media and fans about his job performance, as if that’s something new in the NFL, or unique to Buffalo. He felt he was too frequently taken to task about his decision making, and apparently the criticism had begun to upset his wife and children, too. As I remember, that was one of the reasons Mike Mularkey gave when he quit the Bills after the 2005 season.

“All I can say is good luck in New York, where it is rumored Marrone may end up as coach of the Jets. If the western New York media got under his skin, what’s going to happen in Gotham?”

Some interesting food-for-thought as the Marrone-to-the-Jets rumors swirl.