Looking for players who love it Dan Leberfeld

There are player who pretend they love it, but really don’t.

Talking about playing the sport of football.

Some are just in it for the money, which can be quite lucrative. They do just enough to get by, but sometimes, if you look closely, they make “business decisions” on the field, like “ankle-biting” when they tackle, or an offensive lineman finesse blocking.

So Jets GM Joe Douglas and coach Robert Saleh are obsessed with filling their roster with guys who love football.

They feels QB Zach Wilson is a perfect example of what they are looking for.

“He’s a young man that really loves football,” said Saleh. “You guys hear me and Joe (Douglas), obviously, talk about it. We want guys who absolutely love football. He’s a guy who loves football.”

So what does loving football look like to Saleh?

“When you love football, and I’m not just talking about Zach, but the entire free agency class, the entire draft class, these guys really love football: when you have a love for football, you’re going to do everything you can to help yourself, not only get better at it, but you’re going to do everything you can to protect it, which means your off the field stuff is going to be right,” Saleh said.

And you when you load up with players who take this approach, it can help turn around a football culture.


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