If you want to anoint blame, this is where you might want to turn Dan Leberfeld

If you really want to play the blame game, this is where you might want to place it.

The blame should be pointed at the people pushing this quarterback competition deep into August.

It was window-dressing.

To call it “even” or “too close to call,” was pure propaganda.

Watching every practice this summer, Mark Sanchez clearly won the competition.

Look, I’m not here to promote Sanchez. I was as critical as anyone of him the last two years, but to no matter what you think of him, he was the better quarterback this summer.

But somebody, or some people, in the Jets’ organization, decided to push this competition deep into the summer, for whatever reason.

Maybe it was Woody Johnson, maybe it was Ira Akselrad, maybe it was John Idzik.

I find it hard to believe it was Marty Mornhinweg or David Lee, two of the better quarterback minds in football. They had to know early on Geno Smith wasn’t ready. They had to.

I think it came from above them.

Now, I would have started the team’s best game-manager and reader of defenses, but he wasn’t in the competition, so I stopped writing about him.

So if it was just Sanchez and Smith, the competition should have been decided earlier, and Sanchez should have played the first half of the Giants’ game, the dress rehearsal if you will.

And if he did, he wouldn’t have been exposed to that hit in the fourth quarter.