Interesting angle on Greg McElroy and Geno Smith Dan Leberfeld

I know Daily News columnist Manish Mehta isn’t going to win a popularity contest with a lot of Jets fans, but his column today was interesting.

He wrote about how important Greg McElroy has been as a mentor to Geno Smith.

“It’s like having a second coach with Greg,” Smith told the Daily News. “It’s great when you have a guy who’s with you that you can go to if you’re not so sure about something . . . especially being a rookie with things spinning and going 100 miles per hour. You can always say, ‘Hey, Greg. What about this play? What should I do here?’ He can pretty much reiterate everything that (offensive coordinator) Marty (Mornhinweg) says.

“Greg’s the best. I’ve learned a lot from him. He’s helped me out with protections. Even things not really about football; just how to be a professional. He’s won a national championship. He’s been around it his entire life. He’s got that nature about him that he just knows what he’s doing. He takes it very seriously. Overall, he’s just a hell of a competitor.”

It sounds like it would be bad for Smith’s development to cut McElroy.

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