Interesting point by Tommy Jets Dan Leberfeld

One of my favorite Jets fan tweeters is TommyJets.

He’s passionate and always respectful.

He had a tweet today that piqued my interest – “If you start Simms over Geno than Idzik looks stupid. Undrafted free agent over 2nd rounder.”

First off, I want to make it clear I’m not commenting on Simms-Geno.

But the point TommyJets is making is a very important one to get into from a sports management standpoint.

If you are a GM or coach, you should never worry about “looking stupid.”  You shouldn’t make decisions for PR purposes. You shouldn’t make decisions to justify draft picks or big money free agent signings. You should always play the best players, regardless or where they were picked, or how much they make.

Every decision should be about winning.