Interesting theory from Robert Saleh on NFL talent Dan Leberfeld

Of course superstars are different, but they are few and far between.

When it comes to the next tier of players, Jets coach Robert Saleh has an interesting theory:

“I think, the difference between player A and player Z in the entire league, (and) I’m not talking about superstars, I’m not talking about the Aaron Donald’s of the world, they’re unique, but the difference between player A and player Z is minimal and the only thing that keeps player Z from becoming player A is an opportunity and reps,” said Saleh.

Obviously you need talent to play in the NFL, but what he’s saying is that guys who are good enough to be brought in, often, if you do a great job coaching them, and let them grown, often, not always, they can turn into solid players.

And this is how he views his cornerback room right now, with cats like Bryce Hall, Bless Austin, Jason Pinnock and Isaiah Dunn. If they give them a ton of reps in practice, get them to master the techniques required for the Saleh/Jeff Ulbrich defense, maybe they can have success with some of them.

“Let’s see what happens. Does it always happen? It doesn’t, but unless you’re willing to be bold enough to coach your tail off and to invest as much as you can into these young men and give them the opportunity to be seen, give them the opportunity to get reps, and give them the opportunity to get better, you’ll never know what you might find,” Saleh said. “So, that’s just the belief and the philosophy of not only our coaching staff but the entire organization and that’s something we’re committed to.”


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