Is Bart a player or a coach? Dan Leberfeld

Bart Scott recently had this to say about Mark Sanchez –

“I think it’s time for him to take that next step,” Scott told ESPN. “It’s the next step for him to take that maturation period to step up into the upper echelon of quarterbacks in this league. Mark was thrown into the fire and expectations were high. He’s had his ups. He’s had his downs… But he’s stayed positive. He’s one of the hardest workers… not just quarterbacks… hardest working people I’ve ever seen. It’s time for him to take the next step and really take control of this team. And not really have to hold on to the steering wheel, but actually guide the car.”

While there is probably a lot of truth to Scott’s statement, should he be talking this way about a teammate?

Some people might say that kind of statement is for a coach to make, not a player.

Especially when the player isn’t a star. Perhaps if Tom Brady made this kind of comment (which he probably wouldn’t) about a teammate, it would be more acceptable.

Scott is a very good player, but not a great one.

He probably should worry about his own house, since there are aspects of Scott’s game he needs to improve upon.