Is McAdoo’s point about Darnold legit? Dan Leberfeld

Former Giants head coach Ben McAdoo made news last week by actually telling people how he honestly feels.

The nerve of him.

McAdoo covered a number of topics with Paul Schwartz of the New York Post, including Sam Darnold.

“I think the kid the Jets drafted has a lot of magic in his game,’’ McAdoo said. “I think he’s special. He’s obviously a talented guy, he can make plays with his feet. I’d just have a hard time drafting a guy in the first round where you don’t necessarily like the way he throws.

“He can overcome it, guys have, but that’s something that’s a challenge for me. I’m gonna be looking at that, trying to fix it, because it’s a fundamental flaw, and I believe in the fundamentals. The quarterback, his No. 1 job is to pass the football. If I don’t like the way he throws the ball, I have a hard time picking him, right?’’

There’s no question a long delivery is a slight cause for concern.

“His elongated release is impossible to miss,” said draft expert Lance Zeirlein of “The ball drops to his waist with forearm pointed towards the ground, pre-delivery.”

The problem with a long release is it gives defensive backs an extra split second to jump routes. When a QB with a elongated-motion decides where he’s going to throw, and looks that way, but the ball doesn’t come out a quick as a guy with a compact throwing motion, it can lead to more picks. This was a problem for Tim Tebow.

Due to this concern with his throwing motion, the Jets need to take it slow with Darnold’s development.


Because if you have an elongated throwing motion, and you’re young and might struggle with reads, this could lead to a lot of picks.

Bad reads and a long throwing motion can be a recipe for disaster.

Darnold certainly has enough arm strength to overcome the concerns with his throwing motion, but the Jets need to make sure he’s on top of his reads and progressive scans before starting him.

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