Is Derek Carr being rushed? This guy thinks so . . . Dan Leberfeld

Florham Park – One of the better quarterback analysts in the media is ESPN’s Trent Dilfer.

And he feels the Oakland Raiders aren’t handling Derek Carr in an ideal fashion, starting him so quickly.

“He has franchise talent,” Dilfer said on ESPN Radio. “When you watch him throw the football, he looks like an elite guy. He has incredible arm talent. He can threaten all areas of the field.

“I think the question with Derek is pocket awareness, some of the intangible things. I think he needed to be handled delicately with the Raiders in his first year. There needed to be a transition time to adapt to the NFL game, to sit back and watch the NFL game, and obviously that isn’t going to happen.

“I was afraid of this exact scenario. Where he would go to practice and training camp and the coaching staff and the other players would go to practice, and their jaws would drop watching him throw next to Matt Schaub. Matt Schaub isn’t a super-talented thrower, but he’s a very good football player. It’s like watching a drag race between a sports car and a Toyota Camry. When you watch Derek Carr and Matt Schaub throw a football in practice, you are going to jump in the sports car.”