Joe Douglas’ support of Adam Gase – Impressed with what he saw Dan Leberfeld

Recently, after a couple of attacks on the head coach in the Daily News by former Jets safety Jamal Adams and his camp, Jets GM Joe Douglas came to the defense of Adam Gase. The first hit-piece was a source saying Gase was the reason Adams wanted to be traded, and then a month later, Adams himself went after the coach.

After these two stories, Douglas took it upon himself to defend Gase.

“I especially believe in Coach Gase,” Douglas said in the opening statement of a recent press conference. “I feel he is the right coach to lead this team. Having watched him work last year. Having seen his staff overcome a 1-7 start and finish the way they did, I feel really good about where we are with him and his leadership.”

The Daily News writer, who penned the two pieces, later in the presser, circled back to the opening statement.

“Joe, you alluded to it in your opening statement, yet Jamal was explicit in saying that he didn’t think Adam was the right leader to take this team to the Super Bowl,” asked Manish Mehta, “and you have described Jamal as a leader, and Adam himself has described Jamal as an elite player, so specifically about Adam that you see leads you to believe that he does have requisite leadership skills to take you guys to a title.”

Douglas doubled-down in his support of Gase.

“In terms of of Jamal and Adam question, I have seen Adam this year go through a 1-7 start, he was a coach who never lost patience who never waivered from his beliefs, a guy who would get up and have the tough conversation with players, and have great communication with the team in team meetings,” Douglas said. “Everything I have witnessed in my year with Adam, I have been impressed by.”


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