Is football less dangerous than skiing? Dan Leberfeld

Daniel J. Flynn, wrote a book called “The War on Football,” which dispels some myths about the danger of football, compared to other sports.

In a column this week about Chris Borland’s retirement, Flynn made some salient points about the sport of football, a game that he loves.

“Surely the game as dangers as Chris Borland put it,” wrote Flynn for “Watching Joe Namath walk indicates as much. But the worst dangers have declined considerably since he played. During the 1960s, an average of 23 athletes died every season from football hits. About four players a year now die from football hits. To put this into perspective, skateboarding, skiing, and bicycling collisions all cause exponentially more deaths annually than football collisions. Every human activity carries some degree of risk. Football carries less risk than it once did and less risk than other activities in which boys partake. It surely carries less risk than inactivity, an increasingly popular activity.”

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