Is Mason right about locker room? Dan Leberfeld

Derrick Mason said the Jets locker room, this past season, was a “cluster-bleep.”

In other words, a big mess.

Is that true?

Not really. Once Mason left, there was one guy, in the locker room, causing friction, and that is Santonio Holmes.

Perhaps a pedestrian quarterback making way too much money caused some friction, but that is hard to tell.

But that locker room is filled with mostly good guys.

When Mason says the locker room was a “cluster-bleep,” it paints a mental picture of a clubhouse filled with malcontents and bad attitudes.

That just isn’t true.

It’s mainly one guy that created problems – Joel Segal’s client, Santonio Holmes.

And Jets management could have prevented this by not giving him $23.5 million in guaranteed money, which took his sense of entitlement to a whole new level.