Is Rex right about Brunell? Dan Leberfeld

Jets #2 quarterback Mark Brunell missed the last week of training camp with a calf injury.

It’s unclear when he will practice again.

But Rex Ryan doesn’t seem concerned about Brunell being ready to handle the primary backup role at the beginning of the season, even if he misses a myriad of practices.

“He has played – this is his 19th year,” Ryan said. “He was with us all last year. I probably would have been much more concerned had he not been with us last year, but the fact that this offense is not new to him now, I feel okay about that.”

Quarterbacks need to practice, no matter how experienced they are. It’s such a timing-driven position. So it’s hard to believe that Brunell missing so many practices wouldn’t impact his play, if forced into action early in the season.