Should Rex be on the hot seat in just his second year? Dan Leberfeld

According to Buffalo football legend Jim Kelly, Bills coach Rex Ryan probably needs to make the playoffs in 2016 to keep his job.

“I think we need to do it [make the playoffs],” Kelly said on CBS Sports Radio. “I think we have to do it. If we don’t, I think Rex will probably be looking for another job. I think everybody knows that, including Rex.”

Is it fair to give a second-year coach that kind of edict?

Probably not, especially when you don’t have a franchise quarterback.

The Bills will start Tyrod Taylor at quarterback. He’s good, not great.

Just like with the Jets, in Buffalo, Ryan doesn’t have an elite quarterback. He’s never had one as a head coach. How would Ryan, considered a top-shelf defensive coach, do with a franchise quarterback? It would be interesting to see that at some point.

So is it fair for Ryan to be on the hot-seat in just his second season in Buffalo?

Probably not, but the fact that he tends to create a circus atmosphere around his teams, in part due to his verbose, braggadocio nature, can lead to him wearing out his welcome faster than other coaches.

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