Press conference was rough, but does it really matter? Dan Leberfeld

Jets GM Mike Maccagnan spoke to the media today.

He didn’t say much.

It was very boring.

But that doesn’t matter.

His actions matter, not his words.

Mr. Coffee has a very busy off-season coming up.

He needs to make the requisite moves necessary to turn the 2017 Jets into a playoff contender.

He’s got to improve the Jets’ pass coverage, their pass rush and add a veteran quarterback, to name a few areas of need. He also has a lot of profligate contract matters to fix with Jackie Davidson.

He’s got a lot on his plate.

It doesn’t matter that his press conference was like watching paint dry.

What matters is that he fixes the Jets this off-season.

And that is going to take a lot of double espressos.

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