It shows poor leadership to show up out of shape #nyj Dan Leberfeld

The quarterback is the most important player on an NFL team.

Any player who wants to start at that position needs to be a leader, set a tone for his teammates.

That is why this assessment of Geno Smith from the NFL Network’s Brian Baldinger doesn’t reflect well on the player.

“Geno Smith looked like he had done no conditioning,” Baldinger said. “It was actually embarrassing to see how far behind he was behind (Mark) Sanchez and (Matt) Simms and everybody else that’s there (in a running drill after practice).”

I will have more on this in the premium section later, but this is inexcusable.

Smith has a chance to start for an NFL team, and he can’t even bother showing up in shape?

Geno has a ton of potential, and has a chance to be very good, but he clearly has some maturing to do.