Should Jamal be involved in Jets personnel decisions? Dan Leberfeld

This is certainly a different approach in the NFL.

It’s very NBA-like.

Jamal Adams clearly wants to be involved in the Jets’ player personnel decisions.

Brian Costello tweeted from Atlanta, “Just spoke to Jamal Adams on radio row. He had lunch with Le’Veon Bell’s agent at the Pro Bowl. The recruitment has begun.”

This is very unusual. Usually it’s the GM who meets with agents about their free agent players, not players.

After the season, Adams kind of called the Jets’ player personnel department on the carpet.

“We need more players and we need more dogs, simple as that,” Adams said. “You have to go get players, man. You have to get big-time players. It’s simple. You look at the Saints. You look at the Rams. You look at the Chicago Bears. You look at all those teams. You have to go get players.

“We have talent. We’re just not all the way there. You can’t beat around the bush. That’s why we’ve been losing. We’ve been beating around the bush. You can’t beat around the bush. You have to get real with yourself.”

Recently Adams went on twitter to lobby for Antonio Brown, “Yo @AB84 NYC will appreciate you!! #JETS.”

Last year he lobbied for Dez Bryant after Dallas released him.

“88 You know where to come!,” Adams tweeted.

Clearly Adams wants a seat at table when it comes to Jets’ player personnel decisions.

It will be interesting to see if Jets GM Mike Maccagnan and coach Adam Gase give him one.


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