Jamal Adams on Death-gate Dan Leberfeld

Q)What do you think of the reaction to your comment about dying on the field?

Jamal Adams: Honestly, I really did not see it getting that far. Again, I was speaking about being passionate about the game that I love. I understand that some families were affected by (CTE), and I definitely did not mean it any type of way.

Q)What made you feel as if you should further address it?

Adams: When you see something that’s blowing up, that’s on First Take and ESPN, I think it should be addressed. My words were simply that I’m very passionate about what I do. I said at the beginning while you guys were there that I’m all about making the game safer. I understand the CTE symptoms and what not and what families are affected, but it’s simply about passion.

Q)Did Coach Bowles said anything to you about it?

Adams: Yes, he did.

Q)What did Coach Bowles say?

Adams: Basically, he just said that you have to clear it up. He understood what I said, and it’s all about passion, but I can see where it affected some families and some people. But again, it’s all about passion and love for the game.

Q)How would you describe your love for the game of football?

Adams: (It is) indescribable. I love this game so much. I come on this field, this is my job now. I’m very passionate. I go to war with my brothers every day. It’s sacrifice, it’s a long sacrifice. A lot of people don’t understand what we go through – ins and outs – so when we’re on this field, this is my playground. This is where I’m most at peace and this is what I love to do.

Q)Would you make the same comments if you had a chance to do it all over again?

Adams: My comments were simply for passion – nothing else – not one time did I say anything about CTE, say anything negative (about it). I respect it. I understand what is the outcome of it, and I know there are families that are affected, but, at the same time, everything is about passion (with) what I said.

Q)Were you referring to CTE when you made the comments yesterday?

Adams: I was not.

Q)What were you talking about?

Adams: Passion.