Jason La Canfora trashes Bart Hubbuch Dan Leberfeld

Bart Hubbuch of the New York Post accused Jason La Canfora of writing a column ripping the Jets’ beat writers as an attempt to suck-up to John Idzik to try to get scoops.

Here is some of La Canfora’s shots back at Hubbuch during their Twitter fight from earlier today . .  .

@HubbuchNYP I won’t mention professionalism with you. you’ve done a great job on your own making clear there never was a pretense of it

@HubbuchNYP believe it or not, its possible to write about Jets without an agenda. might even work at a ridiculous tabloid. try it sometime

@HubbuchNYP the column is about Rex, try reading it. and I’m no Rex defender. google it next time you watch the Jets stretch expert

@HubbuchNYP Keep this up though, it suits you. Maybe one day Papa Murdoch will let you graduate to the back page! then you’ll really make it