Jason LaCanfora goes with same narrative as Bob Wischusen Dan Leberfeld

Jason La Canfora has taken the same position on Rex Ryan putting Mark Sanchez in the game in the fourth quarter against the Giants, as Bob Wischusen.

“But, please, spare me the faux outrage over Sanchez, the same guy everyone wanted to run out of town after the butt fumble last season, if not sooner,” La Canfora wrote for CBSSports.com.. “The guy who is only there because of the guaranteed money tied to his contract. The guy who was being ridiculed for his propensity to continue throwing mind-numbing interceptions just a week ago in this very preseason.

“That’s the quarterback who is supposed to be under bubble wrap? Really? It’s an affront to great quarterbacks everywhere and the football gods to put Sanchez behind a back-up offensive line in the third pre-season game as the staff continues to evaluate the position with rookie Geno Smith just back from injury himself? Because somebody was going to have to take those snaps, and the Jets season — imperiled before they ever gathered for the start of camp — is now doomed by Sanchez absorbing a tough blow?