Jaws Jaworski breaks down Sanchez Dan Leberfeld

ESPN NFL analyst Ron “Jaws” Jaworski has an on-going segment each night on “Sportscenter” rating NFL quarterback, from 1-30.

At #23, he has Mark Sanchez. Here is what he had to say about the Jets signal-caller:

“The 23rd-rated quarterback on my big board is Mark Sanchez. Sanchez is a complementary quarterback. He’s at his best working off a strong running game with defined reads. That allows him to get the ball out quickly, within the structure and the timing of the offense. The play-action pass really helps Sanchez, especially out of base-personnel packages. Remember, the Jets’ offensive foundation is the run, a lot of multiple tight-end sets and normal down-and-distance situations.

“Sanchez is most effective throwing in the middle of the field, between the numbers. He lacks the arm strength demanded to drive the ball to the outside with the necessary velocity. But he’s made some very good seam throws.

“After three years in the league, Sanchez continues to struggle in two critical areas: decision-making and down-field accuracy. It’s why he’s No. 23 on my list. When he plants his back foot, doesn’t get what he wants and then has to re-load, he loses clarity. While Sanchez has been able to throw effectively on the run, when it’s designed, he’s often reckless and erratic when forced to leave the pocket. The ability to take advantage of shot plays has been a problem. Design big plays in which you get what you want. The Jets shifted Joe McKnight outside the numbers. A linebacker bumped out with him. That’s what you anticipated when you game-planned this during the week. You have to hit those throws. Sanchez didn’t even give McKnight a chance.

“Sanchez has shown some very positive attributes that will fit well with Tony Sparano’s run-first approach, to his offensive design. But to move up on my big board, Sanchez must improve his coverage recognition and his intermediate to deeper accuracy. Otherwise, he’ll remain a player with limitations.”