Jenkins plays the weighting game Dan Leberfeld

There are two reasons Kris Jenkins isn’t back on the field yet. First off because he’s still rehabbing his surgical knee. Secondly, he needs to lose weight for the sake of his knee and his stamina. A few weeks ago he admitted he was 390 pounds. He needs to get down to 360.

(For) Kris, the best thing he can do is get that weight down so he can practice and run,” said Jets coach Rex Ryan. “That’ll only help him.  It’ll also help the team because he’s able to play.  If his weight’s up, he’s not going to be able to play the snaps that he will when his weight’s down.  His conditioning will be better and he’ll be able to give us more plays.”

Jenkins probably shouldn’t have allowed his weight to balloon during knee rehab. Excessive weight isn’t good for a player who now has had two knees reconstructed.