Jets aren’t rebuilding. Dan Leberfeld

Some people say the Jets are “rebuilding.”

I disagree.

There are so many mediocre-to-bad teams in the league right now, it’s inexcusable to even use the term “rebuilding” anymore.

All you guys and gals watched a lot of Jets games the last few years. Most of the teams they were playing were underwhelming – very few juggernauts.

Look around the league – sure there are a few tough teams, but the rest of the league is very beatable.

With the salary cap, free agency and the draft, there is no excuse for any team to claim they are “rebuilding.” And to make it clear, the Jets aren’t doing that. It’s coming from the media.

The Indianapolis Colts were supposed to be “rebuilding” last year. How’d that work out? They made the playoffs.

The way the league is structured now, most teams should at least hang around as a wild card contender into December.

The Jets aren’t “rebuilding.”

They are “retooling.”