Jets aren’t “running out of time” Dan Leberfeld

I read a headline on the internet – “Darrelle Revis trade running out of time.”

No, it’s not.

The Jets don’t have to trade him before the draft. Would it be the best way to go? Maybe, but they can’t rush into a trade and take a low ball offer for a player of this magnitude.

If they don’t get what they want before the draft, the window isn’t closed on a trade.

Say a team loses a #1 corner this summer, and is desperate for a player like Revis, the Jets could make a trade then, and get 2014 draft picks in return.

Same applies for a deal before the in-season trade deadline.

Or they could always keep Revis, and have the best cornerback tandem in football this season.

There is a good chance the Jets trade Revis before the draft, but should not rush into a deal they don’t like.