Hard to con Senior Bowl coaches Dan Leberfeld

In an exclusive interview with the Jets’ website, this assistant made a salient point about getting to know players you coach at the Senior Bowl.

Just like the Combine, players are often “coached-up” by their agents on how to act with the pro coaches in Mobile, but according to Jets’ offensive line coach John Benton, in an exclusive interview with the team’s website, he believes that coaching can only take these guys so far.

“They may come in a little prepared, to so speak, but it’s just too much time to keep their guard up, and you get to know their real personalities,” said Benton to the team’s website. “It works both ways. You get to see some guy’s personalities shine through and other guys who might have a flaw here and there.”

So the coaching from their agents can only help them a tad over a long week in Mobile, especially with the NFL staff coaching them all week, which the Jets were able to do with the National Team.

“That might be the biggest benefit to be able to spend so much time with them,” Benton said.

The Jets being able to spend so much time with the players on the National Team, and getting to know these particular kids so well, in practice, meetings and in the game, could lead to a few of them landing on the Jets in the draft, especially with the nine picks in the first five rounds.


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