Jets need to ignore the white noise during coaching search Dan Leberfeld

Ignore the noise.

In their coaching search, the Jets can’t worry about how the media and fans will react to a choice.

Yesterday, I wrote a little about Ian Rapoport’s announcement that the Jets want to interview Tampa Bay OC Todd Monken.

And some didn’t react well to the news on Twitter.

This made me realize how important it is for the Jets to avoid governing by public opinion polls in this search.

It’s been speculated the former Jets’ owner lost interest in Doug Marrone (in 2015) after a smear campaign in the Daily News that made the coach look bad.

That sort of the thing can’t happen this time around.

The Jets need to do an extensive search and find a a great fit for their job opening. They need to find an alpha dog leader, outstanding strategist and tremendous communicator who will hold players accountable.

They can’t, at any point, worry how a candidate will look to the fans or media. This might’ve happened in 2015. It can’t happen this time around.

I’m not putting Monken in Canton, but if they happen to decide he’s the best fit for them, go for it.

Do not worry about how the public and media will react.

The only thing that matters is how the hiring turns out in the long run, not the reaction of people when the hiring is announced.


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