The fantasy football draft is underway Dan Leberfeld

The Jets claimed wide receiver Patrick Turner on waivers from the Miami Dolphins.
The announcement was made by Jenny Vrentas of the Newark Star-Ledger.
Do the Jets really think Turner can help them more than Laveranues Coles?
If they do, they are dilusional.
Oh, I forget, Coles makes too much money (veteran minimum).
To me, these kind of moves are disrespectful to the players who busted their asses in training camp, and deserved to make the team, like Larry Taylor.
It’s also unfair to the coaches who have to teach these new players the system from scratch.
Turner was a flop in Miami.
Whoopdedoo, he played with Mark Sanchez at USC. Who cares?
Sanchez can have Turner over for a labor day barbeque with Joe McKnight.