Jets could learn from what Heath Evans is saying Dan Leberfeld

Prior to joining the New England Patriots, the NFL Network’s Heath Evans played four years for Mike Holmgren’s Seattle Seahawks.

“Bunch of selfish guys,” Evans told Pro Football Weekly. “Everything from racism to ‘I want the ball’ to ‘It’s all about me.’ Bad locker room.

“Mike Holmgren didn’t coach his star players,” Evans said. “It’s really kind of true. The most talented football teams I was ever on were those Seahawks teams. But they were complete failures. A lack of consistency, a lack of discipline. Mike was mad at Shaun Alexander for skipping a non-mandatory minicamp, but instead of calling Shaun or reaming him out, he finds me buck naked in the shower and reams me out in front of everybody else. Because I was the ‘yes, sir, no, sir’ Marine Corps daddy guy.

While Rex would never ream somebody out in the shower, he clearly needs to coach his star players a little harder.

We know he can be tough on Emanuel Cook, but what about Santonio Holmes?

Evans says in New England, everyone is coached the same, from 1-53 on the roster.