Jets have filed grievance against Raiders Dan Leberfeld

According to’s Mike Silver, the Jets have filed a grievance against the Oakland Raiders over Tony Sparano’s salary.

“When the Jets fired Tony Sparano as offensive coordinator and the Raiders were set to hire him as their offensive line coach, they kept the salary low,” wrote Silver for “However, the Raiders decided to give Sparano an ‘assistant head coach’ title as well, suggesting increased responsibilities. This did not sit well with the Jets, who filed a grievance with the NFL, claiming the Raiders were intentionally underpaying Sparano and forcing them to pay a disproportionate share.

“The grievance, which is being handled by NFL executive vice president Harold Henderson, is still unresolved.”

In other words, the Jets owed Sparano a lot of money after firing him following one season as offensive coordinator, and they want the Raiders to offset that payment more than they have.