Jets must ignore the insiders on hot candidates Dan Leberfeld

Don’t listen to people with compromised positions.

A lot of times coaches become “hot candidates” with NFL media insiders because they are media-leakers, so it’s payback. Some coaches reach “guru” status because they’re media-friendly. Always keep that in mind: I scratch your back, you scratch mine.

And just like lawyers/business executives, reporters aren’t well-equipped to evaluate coaching prospects.

So the Jets must ignore ALL media white noise about who their next coach should be.

Remember, in 2015, when the Jets were close to hiring Doug Marrone as their head coach, they reportedly got cold feet due to a hatchet job on the Bronx-native by the Daily News.

Whatever you think of Marrone, no NFL team should have a coaching search impacted by ANYBODY in the media.

So ignore all these NFL insiders telling you who the “hot candidates” are. They might be compromised, either by their relationship with the candidate himself, or an agent who represents the coach, who’s leaking stuff to them.


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