Jets need a President/CEO Dan Leberfeld

Today, Jets VP of business Matt Higgins, announced he was leaving the organization.

Maybe he’s going to work for Mitt Romney. He has something else lined up. We will see where he lands.

But now it’s time for the Jets to hire a CEO or President, whatever you want to call it.

Like Miami’s Michael Dee, Baltimore’s Dick Bass and Green Bay’s Mark Murphy.

Somebody to be the compass for the organization, bring everything together.

A person with extensive experience in the world of sports, business and PR.

The Jets have many talented people working at One Jets Drive, but they have a lot of VP’s and no President/CEO type.

And this hurts them sometimes.

So with this opening in the front office, now is a perfect time for Woody Johnson to land that one central figure, a visionary-type, to bring it all together.

Don’t get me wrong, this guy will not make football personnel decisions, but he or she will give be the leader at the top they desperately need.

This would be helpful to Mr. Johnson, who has a lot going on outside the organization, including being a very important player in Romney’s presidential run.