Jets need to make this happen Dan Leberfeld

The NFL is a quarterback-driven league.

You’ve heard that mantra over and over.

But it’s so true.

So when it comes to the Jets and free agency, the top priority needs to be re-signing Ryan Fitzpatrick. Everything else is secondary (this is assuming Mo Wilkerson is getting tagged).

You can find guys to fill other positions. You can find a nose tackle; you can find running backs.

It’s not so easy to find a quarterback.

If you don’t have one in the NFL, you end up spinning your wheels.

Is Fitzpatrick an elite QB? No, but he proved last year he can be a very good one.

And he’s a great fit for Chan Gailey’s offense, a system he knows as well as the man calling the plays. Also, he and the Jets’ starting receivers, Brandon Marshall and Eric Decker, have really good chemistry. Watching this trio operate, it’s almost like they’ve played together for five years, not just one.

On top of that, Fitzpatrick is a good fit for the New York market. This town can ruin some players. The press and fans are very tough. He can handle being a New York quarterback. It’s not too big for him.

The Jets need to make this happen.

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