How will Jets respond to Bill Belichick’s challenge? Dan Leberfeld

Florham Park – You could view it as a slap in the face.

Talking about the New England Patriots trading WR Demaryius Thomas to the New York on September 10 for a 2020 sixth-round pick.

Why would the Patriots look to help a division-rival unless they consider them no threat?

Do you think they would have traded Thomas to conference-rival Kansas City, a team that just lost Tyreek Hill for a while to a collarbone injury? Highly unlikely.

So in a way, this trade could be viewed as a statement on what Bill Belichick thinks of the Jets as an opponent. Clearly not a lot.

While the Jets clearly think the Thomas trade can help them, it’s also kind of on insult to them.

And they should use this as a motivation. Because clearly the Patriots’ coach doesn’t think much of them as an opponent.

This should tick them off.


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