Jets new GM isn’t coming to the city Dan Leberfeld

Some Jets GM candidates, or some of their family members, might think to themselves, “I don’t want to live in New York City.”

They might have this vision of skyscrapers, heavy traffic and hustle-bustle.

If they have this mindset, They will be pleasantly surprised when they arrive in Florham Park.

This isn’t New York City.

It’s the bucolic suburbs.

Whether you are talking about Florham Park, or neighboring towns like Madison, Chatham, Morristown, Summit and so forth, the Jets operate in a very pretty area, a great place to live.

In so much of this area, you feel like you are in the country.

While you do have to deal with the New York media, which isn’t easy, you aren’t coming to work in the city.

GM candidates, when they are driven around, are going to be surprised at the area the Jets call home.

It’s not what many of them think.