Jets should ignore Mariota banter Dan Leberfeld

Mock drafts mean absolutely nothing.

They aren’t news.

It’s just guesswork.

I’m not criticizing the people who do them. They are just doing their jobs. It’s what their editors want.

But all this white noise connecting Oregon QB Marcus Mariota to the Jets, needs to be ignored.

It’s means squat.

Should the Jets pick Mariota if he’s there at six?

Perhaps, but it’s a major gamble.

Nobody knows whether his game will translate to the NFL level. He played in a simplistic college offense, where it was usually pre-determined where he was going with the ball before the snap. It’s like apple and oranges compared to the NFL.

So often his predetermined targets were wide open. The windows to throw into on the NFL level are much smaller. The Oregon offense involves very simple reads. Mariota needs a lot of work on his footwork. In this offense, he would often just throw the ball from the spot he received the shotgun snap – not a lot of drops.

Mariota is a major project who needs to sit a year or two to learn how to be an NFL QB. What he did in college doesn’t translate very well to the next level.

Nobody. I mean nobody, including the top coaches and scouts, know whether he can make the transition.

This is no Andrew Luck, who came from a pro-style offense at Stanford.

And if a team picks Mariota, and isn’t patient, they could ruin him.

Hey, he could turn out just fine, but may the buyer beware.

And remember, mock drafts connecting him to the Jets mean nothing.

And the new Jets’ brass should not be impacted one iota by mock drafts, and people outside the building lobbying for the Jets to pick this player.

They should stick to their value board.

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