Jets VP Joey Clinkscales on Alabama S Barron Dan Leberfeld

If Alabama safety Mark Barron is available at 16, he could make sense for the Jets.

“The kid had 11, 12 career interceptions, he’s physical, he’s tough, he’s very bright, he’s a space player, he can make one-on-one tackles,” said Jets VP Joey Clinkscales. “He has a lot of the skillset that I think every team is looking for at the safety position. I’m not saying that he may or may not be the best fit for this team or any defense that’s running a true man-to-man system, but he has the skillset to really be effective in some of the things we do and other teams as well. If you know Alabama’s defense, they run a multiple defense. They play a lot of man but they also play a lot of zone.”