Joe Douglas must do this for Jets to succeed! Dan Leberfeld

You probably need at least 8-10 of these guys on your team if you want to compete for a championship.

Talking about players who are considered “difference-makers,” guys other teams have to spend extra time game-planning for.

The Jets played hard in 2019 with the players they had, but they clearly didn’t have enough “difference-makers.”

Jamal Adams is an example of a “difference-maker.”

They need more guys like Adams in their locker room.

It’s Joe Douglas’ job moving forward, whether it’s at the Senior Bowl this week, at the combine, in free agency, to find the Jets more “difference-makers.”

Douglas has a great reputation in NFL circles as a talent-evaluator, and has final say on all Jets player personnel moves. People are who think he’s Adam Gase’s puppet are buffoons. That isn’t the case at all. Douglas is own man, and he controls the Jets’ roster.

And now entering his first full off-season as Jets GM, it’s time for him to roll up his sleeves, and go find the Jets more “difference-makers.”


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